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What Even is Tarot Anyway??


Tarot is a mirror! You may have heard this all over the internet over the last couple of years, as Tarot cards gain popularity – but very few people have explained what this means.


For me, this means that the cards show you a reflection of different facets and corners of your own psyche – through a selection of archetypal images. These images may directly remind you of yourself, or portray different situations that you can relate to.

I am an intuitive Tarot Reader – which means that as well as drawing on my knowledge of the symbols and archetypes in each card, I tune in to an element of the card – i.e. a colour or a particular symbol; and pick up on the energy of the querent or situation from there.

The person receiving their reading never needs to touch the cards, I sort of act as a catalyst for or translator of what the cards are trying to show you. Essentially, my job is to facilitate a non-judgemental and unbiased conversation with yourself!

Tarot can be a wonderful tool for helping you to step back and view your situation as a whole, enabling you to make mindful and more grounded decisions about the next best step for you.

As Tarot readings are essentially a chat with your higher self, very few topics are off limits – although I specifically will not read about health or death. The boundary is there to protect the client and myself, this also means it simply won’t appear in readings with me, as I refuse to tune in to it.

It is up to you whether you prepare questions prior to your Tarot Reading with me or not. I encourage people to record, photograph or make notes on their reading if they would find that helpful. Online sessions can be recorded and downloaded after the appointment. A reading with me tends to involve a lot of information delivered at speed, so some sort of reminder is recommended!

And While We're At It...

What's Dream Interpretation All About?

In dream interpretation sessions, we delve into the inner workings of your dreams- and the symbols, messages and associations within them.

These can be one-off appointments to discuss a particularly significant dream, or ongoing work with a dream journal.

We talk through your experiences and feelings to decode your dreams together and discuss any messages that might be waiting for you!

How do I Prepare For a Tarot Reading?

Bring yourself, possibly a notebook and a vague idea of what you would like to discuss! That's your lot. I'm comfortable with readings being recorded if you have a memory like a sieve (same btw).

Can I ask About My Health?

Nope. I don't read about health or death. BUT this leads me nicely to my next FAQ...

What If It Tells Me Something BAD?

Whether you have come to see me for a Tarot Reading or a Dream Interpretation session, our time together is in your hands too. We will not discuss or touch on anything that you do not consent to and you have absolute power to steer our sessions in any way you need to. Tarot is a mirror, so 9 times out of 10, it won't reveal anything that hasn't already crossed your mind!


What Shall I Ask About?

Anything you like! (Apart from health and death, obviously). Common topics include money, love, relationships, family and career but feel free to spice it up! I've had some weird ones, so don't be shy.

Yes and no questions are doable but not the most inspiring. Questions don't always have to be very specific either - topics and themes work just as well and can open other interesting avenues you might not have considered.

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