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from The Carnelian Keep

Information on our upcoming events, pop-ups and magickal happenings. To inquire about our services for your event, please email

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Watch This Space...

The Carnelian Keep doesn't just represent one bad-assed Tarot Reader - but also a whole plethora of events, workshops and collaborations to come!

Keep a beady eye on this page for info on all upcoming adventures and if you are interested in collaboration, please do give us a shout on the contact section of this site.


With Brooke from

Black Moon Botanica

Black Moon Botanica and The Carnelian Keep have joined forces to bring you an offering of Tarot and Astrology based makeover for your year ahead!
A country retreat featuring a Cacao Ceremony, Candlemaking, Magickal Herbs and sleep ritual work. Our next retreat takes place on the

30th Dec 21 - 2nd Jan 22
and is currently FULLY BOOKED

Leith Witchcraft Market

With Laura of Nymeria Bloom

Laura of Nymeria Bloom and Amelia of The Carnelian Keep continue to bring the witchy and crafty communities of Edinburgh together at Leith Arches in celebration of each point on the Pagan Wheel of the Year!

We are heading into our third year of running these magickal markets -You can find more info over on our Instagram.

Learn Tarot

With Amelia of The Carnelian Keep


This is the big one. An intensive study of the Tarot. The archetypes, symbols and storytelling in the cards, as well as how to read them in context; getting starting with reading for others and exercises in strengthening your intuition while reading.

The Obsidian Mirror
Fancy something a little deeper? Choose this workshop to explore your inner Underworld; to delve into the chewy roots of your subconscious and to take a deep dark look at your shadow side. Love and light is nice, but it can’t be sunny all the time. Looking at our shadow, exposing the uncomfortable beliefs and the darker perspectives we hold - can help us to understand them, heal them or even accept and stand by them to live a more authentic life.

The Citrine Amulet
Calling all Creative types! Whether you are elbow deep in your latest painting or lamenting the unfinished fantasy novel you can never seem to get back into writing, this is the course for you. A Tarot and Creativity workshop over 4 weeks, The Citrine Amulet is designed to help you find your creative drive, combat writers block in style, storyboard your best idea and even explore planning your creative business -all using Tarot Cards!

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